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In 2022 I illustrated and designed a children's memory game in three Sámi languages. The game's aim is to teach words describing family and kin to Sámi children. I created various characters and added elements that could be a topic of  discussion with children, like the reindeer herder's lasso. 

In 2022 I illustrated a children's book designed to teach children the effects of choices they make. Book discusses emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, and is specifically designed for Sámi children, utilising their everyday environment as the backdrop.

In 2021 I illustrated a colouring book for Sámi museum Siida. The colouring book aims to depict everyday life in the outdoor museum area. Outdoor museum of Siida was actually used by a Sámi family all the way to 1940's, after which the houses remained empty and later moved to the outdoor museum area from their original location. 

In 2022 I illustrated a digital publication for the World Music Center located in Helsinki. Publication was a collection of Skolt Sámi leudd's(traditional style of singing and storytelling) found in the Tuulomajärvi area. The area was annexed to Russia in the second World War, and flooded due to dam building. Leudd's were originally recorded by Ilpo Saastamoinen in 1940's and -50's. 

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